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Flip Flop Screen Manufacturers

Flip Flop Screen Manufacturers

Exquisite Flip Flop machines for Efficient Screening Materials

Ecoman, the country’s leading industrial equipment manufacturer also makes exquisite variety of flip flow screens for enhancing material screening efficiency at particular applications across varied industries.

A Sneak Peek into our Flip Flow Screen

Ecoman has incorporated extensive understanding coupled with expertise in manufacturing flip flop machines and stood out as one of the most preferred flip flop manufacturers in India.

Our flip flow screen is designed in such a way that it handles tough screening tasks with ease unlike its conventional counterparts that are sensitive to hard screening tasks.

Being the most reliable flip flop machine manufacturers, we manufacture machines that combine two motions so as to create a movement that is actually dual vibrant.

Salient features

  • System with distinguishing dual vibration mechanism
  • Expansion and Contraction mechanism of lower screen enables high acceleration
  • Instant screen exchange
  • Cutting down on landfill costs and escalating new revenues
  • Elimination of screen plugging and any possible blockages
  • Capability to manage different materials
  • Longevity coupled with low maintenance

Industrial application

  • Aggregate production
  • Biomass
  • Skip waste separation
  • Plastic fractions
  • Sold Recovered Fuel
  • Commercial and industrial waste
  • Refused Derived Fuel
  • Construction and demolition waste

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