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Ecoman is one of the leading manufacturers of cullet crusher and slag crushing plant equipments.

Since 1982 we have been the leading manufacturer and OEM supplier for Sponge Iron Plant, Power Plant, Cement Plant, Quartz Plant, Dolomite Plant and a host of other types of minerals plants. Among the various plants, one of our specialties has been the manufacturing of slag crushing plant. Our years of expertise and experience has led us to manufacture a fleet of crushing, grinding and screening products that are used to ensure slag is processed at extremely high efficiency while ensuring low costs. Our slag crushing plant is known for their precision based engineering and is widely utilized for crushing refractory’s, stone, slag, coal and a host of other products. We completely assure our clients of offering slag crushing plant equipment that is known for its high quality, precision and accuracy and long term reliability. We also offer complete support in regard to installation, automation and instrumentation services.





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Our Clients

Why Us?

Customers from mining, quarrying, construction, and manufacturing industries have praised our work. Our array of machines plays a significant role in the processing, handling, and transportation of various materials. Apart from our product range, the following factors attributed to client appreciation.

quality assurance


The quality and top-class performance of our machines have been our top priority since the beginning.



Due to our modern infrastructure, we are able to design & develop machines of top quality in accordance with market demand.



In the industry, we cater to the demands of the most distinguished clients with our top-of-the-line crushers, impactors, and other machines.

Our Products

Our company brings forward an array of machines designed to meet quality standards, operate on tight schedules without frequent breakdowns and last longer with proper maintenance. These machines are energy efficient, and safe to operate. Here is our range that can be used at industrial sites to consistently and timely deliver products.

Jaw Crushers

Jaw crushers are heavy-duty industrial machines comprising fixed and movable jaws to efficiently crush large rocks and ores into smaller particles when pressure is applied. The material between the jaws compresses and fragments when the movable jaw applies force. As these are designed to handle different kinds of materials, these heavy-duty mechanical machines are widely employed in the mining, quarrying, and construction industries. Their capabilities in crushing hard materials make them a critical part of primary crushing operations. The results aggregates and minerals are further processed in industrial applications. Customers can benefit from the high throughput and low operational costs of these robustly constructed machines.

jaw crusher

VSI-Vertical Shaft Impactors

VSI-Vertical Shaft Impactors are specialized machines that are widely used in the construction industry to produce cubical-shaped aggregates and sand from large rocks. The feed material is accelerated to break upon impact by a high-speed rotor and wear-resistant tips. The resultant construction aggregates and manufactured sand are used in building & construction applications. They are used to produce concrete and asphalt. With manufactured sand, there is a lesser requirement for natural sand which contributes to sustainable construction practices. Concrete-based projects, such as road construction, infrastructure development, and other projects that require precision shape, are made possible by the ability of VSI-Vertical Shaft Impactors to shape the end products precisely.

vertical shaft impactor

Flip Flow Screen

Flip flop screen, also called a flip flaw screen, creates a flipping motion to screen materials. This specialized screening machine is designed to separate difficult-to-screen materials. In order for the machine to vibrate and oscillate properly, it is equipped with flexible, polyurethane panels that have alternating ridges and troughs. Due to the design of this screening machine, clogging and binding of materials is prevented, making it ideal for sticky, wet, or challenging materials which are prone to clogging. High acceleration and aggressive screening by flip flop screen results in the separation of fine and difficult particles. This advanced screening machine is widely demanded in mining and recycling industries as it is optimized for optimal classification of materials and is more efficient as a whole.

flip flow

Special Purpose Machine

An artificial & M-sand making machine is designed to produce artificial or manufactured sand, a perfect alternative to natural sand. This special-purpose machine carried out a crushing and shaping process to turn hard rocks or stones into sand. It is equipped with a high-speed rotor that uses intense impact and crushing action to produce the desired size of sand particles. Its features, like complete control over particle size, and classification make this machine well-suited for this job. Customers from construction and infrastructure can contact us to buy sand-making machines to meet their demand for sustainable construction materials. They can be assured of consistent, high-quality sand production at uniform rate.

sand making machine

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